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I Exist Project

TThe I Exist Project amplifies the richness and diversity of queer life, culture, and artistry by partnering with a broad spectrum of talented queer composers and performers. Our mission is to inspire the creation and promotion of innovative queer repertoire that celebrates the unique experiences and voices within our community, fostering greater understanding, connection, and visibility for all.

Current collaborators comprise of emerging and leading creators of our time, with diverse queer identities and backgrounds include: Spencer Arias, Stuart Beatch, Evan Boegehold, Nathan Brown, Rosśa Crean, Kevin Day, Peter Dayton, David Del Tredici, Clarie Eckstein, Darius Edwards, Nathan Froebe, Kenneth Fuchs, Scott Hansen, Jennifer Higdon, Kevin Kay, Jason Lo, Xenia St. Charles Iris Llyllyth, Zachery Meier, Jackie Myers, Nebal, Javier Oviedo, Kincaid Rabb, Aaryn S. Ricucci-Hill, Phillip Sink, and Ingrid Stölzel.

These pieces will be written for an eclectic mix of ensembles including but not limited to: solo saxophone, saxophone and clarinet, saxophone and piano, saxophone and prepared piano, saxophone and harp, saxophone and electronics, and saxophone and voice; all of which precedence will be made to collaborate with queer performers. 

In the face of recent heart-wrenching acts of targeted violence, ongoing attempts by legislatures to undermine queer rights, and the continued dehumanization endured by transgender folx, the pursuit of this project becomes even more essential. It stands as a resolute testament to the strength and unity of our community, boldly asserting that our existence will not be diminished or silenced. Through the creation and promotion of queer music and art, we unleash the powerful resonance of our voices, aiming to ignite profound and lasting change within society. By showcasing the vibrant tapestry of queer artistic expressions, we transcend barriers and defy attempts to marginalize us. We firmly believe in the extraordinary capacity of art, in all its boundless forms, to challenge societal norms, evoke empathy, and stimulate meaningful conversations that bring about transformative shifts. By advocating for the recognition and appreciation of queer culture, we strive to foster a world where acceptance, equality, and understanding prevail.


Recognizing the undeniable influence of queerness on modern music, we pay tribute to iconic 20th-century queer figures like Leonard Bernstein, Samuel Barber, John Cage, Wendy Carlos, Aaron Copland, Francis Poulenc, Ethel Smith, and countless others. Their remarkable legacies have left a profound impact on audiences and history, serving as beacons of inspiration for present and future creatives. At the core of the I Exist Project's mission is the promotion and visibility of new queer repertoire—an essential endeavor that continuously empowers, educates, and fosters the inclusion of queer artists and culture within the contemporary music landscape.

We extend a sincere invitation for you to become an integral part of the I Exist Project's mission by making a tax-deductible donation through the link provided below. Your support, which requires just a few minutes of your time, will leave a lasting imprint on our current and future seasons of creative work. As the I Exist Project thrives on the support of our community, your contribution is crucial to our continued ability to meaningfully engage audiences and bring focus to the vibrant world of queer works. By donating, you actively champion diversity, uplift the voices of queer artists, and help shape a more inclusive and inspiring future for music.

Your support will:

  • Help the I Exist Project collaborate with leading and emerging queer composers, performers, and artistic folx.

  • Enable the I Exist Project to continue to present its groundbreaking concert series - emphasizing queer music.

  • Educate and inspire communities through outreach and residencies, bringing culture and creativity through LGBTQ+ artistry.

  • Preserve a legacy of new music through recording projects.

Thank You!

Your support truly means the world, words cannot express the gratitude for your donation!

“Hope will never be silent” - Harvey Milk

Matching: Many employers match charitable contributions, allowing you to double your gift’s impact. Be sure to ask your employer about this option.

The I Exist Project is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of the I Exist Project must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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